Question 1 : Who is the CEO of Shelar TVS?


Question 2 : What would be required to carry, while receiving the bike from service station?

Question 3 : Which type of container will be used for pouring the oil into engine?

Question 4 : Which container would be used to collect the oil to avoid spill over?

Question 5 : What will you remove to clean the air filter?

Question 6 : Which device would be use to unscrew & tighten the petrol cock?

Question 7 : Which water should be poured if water level is depleted?

Question 8 : Why should the cock be released in spark plug cleaning?

Question 9 : What should be checked by running the rear wheel?

Question 10 : What should be done to check the electronic devices of the vehicle?

Question 11 : What should be checked in tires?

Question 12 : Where should we take the vehicle after the servicing?

Question 13 : Once the procedure is completed what should be supposed to do?

Question 14 : What should be done in front of the customer after all the process is completed?