What you learn today helps you lead tomorrow!

Knowledge knows no age. Nor does it distinguish in other terms.

Where it does is in terms of knowledge and one’s abilities.


Be it a Corporate Training, Technical Training, Sales Training or any other form of Training, Ramanora Global’s “TEST” helps the aspirant get the right training within three steps!

How it works

The TEST works on rather simple premise!

  • Add your basic training material (which can include videos!)
  • Create customized questions, timings and preferences to declare an aspirant successful, and
  • Pre-designed certificate formats that a successful aspirants can get printed from the system

Advantages of TEST

The TEST offers various advantages over other means, like:

  • Ease of use for aspirants
  • Focused, specialized and job-specific training on particular topics
  • Organization-specific training
  • Easy scalability with proper legacy
  • Cost-effective modules