Sales are all about the Human 2 Human approach. Research says, people don’t buy products, but people buy people. If a customer understand you/your company as its personality, he/she is likely to come on board and buy your products to get the best out of it.

Research says, around 48% of Sales executives don’t follow up and hence lose a lot of business to the laziness of follow up. Research also says, the highest amount of conversions happen between 5th - 12th follow up. LeadCon understands this simple arithmetic and has developed simple tools that can help the sales executives to take effective steps to convert sales faster and bring revenue to the organisation.

To overcome this problem, we like to introduce new sales tool, the` name of sales tool is “LeadCon”. LeadCon = Lead + Conversion, one of the crucial elements of sales is Follow-up, 48% of the sales people never follow-up with the customer. With LeadCon, we have reduced the donkey work involved in sales process by 90%, now following up with customers is at a click of a button with Call, eMail, SMS, WhatsApp and Social Media Connect all integrated into one tool. With the LeadCon integrated system, the lead status and the process on the lead is updated instantaneously saving nearly 80% of the time that is spent only in filling lead status excel sheet or a CRM form.

Things Involved in LeadCon

  • Capture Customers Data - Now Capturing Customer information is easy through inbuilt - QR Code, Visiting Card and Aadhar Card Scanners.
  • Enquiry Form - Collect customer specific Interests of products, services, etc using a customized Digital Enquiry Form.
  • Suggestions - Capture the suggestions given to customers by taking the picture of the Notepad.
  • Increase Sales All the Above compiled data is available in the formats of Excel/CSV to be shared easily with sales team for conversions.
  • Followup - Through Call | eMail | SMS | WhatsApp All in 1 Tool.
  • Meeting Invites - Send Meeting Invites on the move and get acceptance easily.
  • Filter - Special Filters that help you save 30 minutes per day.
  • Reminders - Reminders that actually remind you and not only sit in an excel sheet.
  • Simplicity is what we believe was missing from the Sales Process and we are here to offer for you.To know how can LeadCon help you, Book a Live Demo here: