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  • Tel: 9922181113
  • Mail: info@ramanora.com

Easy Print Kiosk

Beating the QUEUE with Easy Print Kiosk


  • Easy Print Kiosk is designed using the latest technology, which supports multi platform approach.
  • Its the most time saving tool available today for helping visitors register and enter an Expo/Conference.
  • Helps visitors register at their leisure time and get the print once they are at the Venue.
  • No need to search for a pen, no need to staple a visiting card, no need to stand in queue to get the badge.
  • Simply Scan | Print | Enter.
  • Open API available to add the registry into any app.
  • Special eBadge app available for exhibitions where there is no official expo/conference app.
  • Collection of data is easy, seamless and secure.
  • As Easy Print Kiosk is a standalone tool, it can be placed at various places, where the visitors might be interacting.